Channel Islands M13?


I recently saw some Channel Islands M13 boards, which I found interesting…

How do you consider the idea and “target” of this design? is it a “big guy” shortboard, or more a glider kind of board (still preserving some snappy turning ability)?

  • the surftech models start at 7’0. Is it ok for someone light (150 lbs)?

Hey there. I recently got an M13. Mine’s 7’0’’ x 20 x 2 3/4, made of EPS. It’s an amazingly fun board, especially for when the surf isn’t that great. It glides into waves much more easily than my normal shortboard (6’5’’ x 19 x 2.3), and paddles like a champ. My read is that this is a function of its wide point ahead of center design. It definitely rides like a shortboard however, and isn’t a trim and glide kind of hybrid, which may or may not be what you are looking for. For me, it plays a great in between spot in my quiver, for when I want to shortboard, but the waves are a little junky.

Thanks Adk!

May I ask you your weight and height [;)] ?

I’m 5’8’', 155lbs. I surf mainly in Northern California (I live in Santa Cruz), so add about 15lbs of wet neoprene to the aforementioned figure.


Almost same as me (5’7 150 lbs). You live in a greaaat place (I’m just back from a short trip to SF and was glad to visit Santa Cruz, too bad I just miss the nice south swell that was approaching [:/]).

I have a Randall French 7’0x20x2"5/8 squash tail thruster, do you know if the M13 is similar?

Don’t you have trouble in duck diving it? Ironically, as a light guy I find my 7’6 thin egg much easier to duck dive despite the added volume, because burying the tail and controlling it with my back foot is easier on the Egg!


I don’t really know anything about your board, but the measurements are pretty similar. As for duckdiving the M13, surprisingly it’s not that bad. When I bought it I figured I’d never be able to dive it, but I can sink it really easily, and have been diving it really well so far. Of course, I haven’t gone through a winter with the board yet, so we’ll see how I do when I need to dive it most. It gets pretty hairy in Santa Cruz during the winter…


I don’t really know anything about your board, but the measurements are pretty similar.

The board I was referring to is the surftech Randall French 7’0 squash, that you can see here:



Seems close to the M13, with may be a thinner nose.


Last year I met a guy in the water who was surfing one. We switched boards for a couple waves. I was impressed how well it caught waves, and how quick it was. Really light and responsive under foot.

That was a 7’6" model.

I liked it.

To give you some comparison, I’m 6’ 2", 220 lbs. and normally rides longboards.

I haven’t seen one of these boards in real life only pics on the web but they look very interesting.

I’m just curious as to what bottom contour you have on your board.

Is it your usual single to double concave like on a short board

or as to being 7ft long does it have a little v in the tail?

Is there anything else thats a little different to your board?

thanks, JD