Channel Islands Red Beauty info

Hi -

Anyone have any info on the CI Red Beauty?? I’ve searched and searched and have found nothing on this board other than general dimensions - maybe that’s telling me something?! I’m looking to shape a 6’4 based on the RB and any info on concaves and 1 foot nose and tail widths would be much appreciated. Also, a measurement from the tail to where the bump wing kicks in would be a bonus!

Anyone had any experiece riding these boards??



I handled one in my local shop. I didn’t really study the rail profile, but it had a hard bottom edge the whole length of the board (i.e. the built-up hotcoat edge that usually ends a few inches forward of the fins)… Hadn’t seen that before.

Hey CJ:

I’ve owned a lot of CI’s over the years and most of them were customs, but I have

hand a black & red beaut. The thing you want to remember about these boards is that

they are Tom’s retro boards in todays world and you might be disapointed in your recreation

of them. The red/blacks had no concaves in th bottom and were flat from nose to the

tail where they had a little vee in the tail. (this was before forward vee a la’ Cole) The

red I had measured out at about 8 degrees per side vee. I have the dimentions somewhere

and if I remember will dig them up for you.

That all said, I think you would be better off shaping a more modern shape with more thickness

if you wanted to duplicate the “feel” of the old boards. Modern bottoms are soooooooo much

better at generating speed. The old bottoms were somewhat flat from rail to rail (no concave)

and in a narrow board (at the time that was 19-20") and gave more control than speed

and needed to be surfed off the rail more which was what

Tom tended to bring to the table and changed a lot of the way we surfed shortboards at the

time. (I still think he is the best surfer in the world today, Kelly is still to young to see what

he will do as he ages)

Thanks for the advise SurfTeach - I’ll take it!

I was watching Curren surf in Al Merricks movie Flow and i got all nostalgic!! Based on your comments, I’m gonna wait until I’ve built up my quiver before I start introducing retro models, except for my 6’ fish I that is…

If you haven’t already, you should watch Flow - It has a great Curren bio