Cheapy Vac pumps for sale..

…built with slave labor in china. But in our world of moral equilance, we’ll just say some of our workers are not treated very fair either. Pardon my politics.

These are $77.00 before shipping. Should be all you need to do some garage boards.

Not bad…

but, I can say I did score a 3.5 cfm double woble thomas rebuild on ebay for the same price :), sucked the bag down in less than 2 minutes if that

Thanks for the info however I can buy one 12 times better here in the US.

It runs off your air compressor and provides energy savings as well.

Made in America by Americans.

I use an old fridge pump with a large PVC resivior and a resin catcher tank. I have about 6 cubic feet of reivior volume total. While I am doing my layup, I plug my inlet and let the resivior charge to a full vacuum. When I hook it up to my bag, it can suck it flat in seconds, while my vac guage goes from 27" to about 10" - 15". Then it steadily climbs back up to 27". I keep a valve between my resivior and my bag to control the flow in case I dont want to suck it down too quick. I found that a large resivior can make a low volume pump perform very well.

How come the Chinese made pump says “U.S. General” ?

It sounds like a great american company, like G.E.

ge have done some serious suspect shit in there history