cheater coat - no or go !?

I just sanded my first board. as i took an orbit grinder with 60 an 120 grit it didn’t took away too much. I planned to do a cheater gloss coat as i thought it will clean up all the flaws. but now that the board looks quite OK (for the first attempt); it just shows the weave at two tiny spots) i wonder if this (a gloss coat) would be useful or just ads weight. as i don’t have any styrene to thin my resin it would be basically be a nother hot coat. what do you reckon !? if you say it is ok to just keep on sanding to about 320 grit or more what is the use of a gloss coat. why can’t you just fine sand and polish a hoat coat!? thank you Z.

a second hotcoat will fill your divots, dents and exposures from bad sanding or glassing. but then take care not to make the same mistakes when you sand again. gloss would lay too thin too fill sanding and glassing mistakes but would seal most pinholes and small exposures, it’s pretty too. hotcoat won’t polish out as well as gloss.