Check Out The New Hull Template From Liddle!!

Check out the newest creation that I just received from Liddle. The answer to the newer style surfing going on by test pilots like the Malloys. No it isn’t like a M3P, an Inbetweener or a Pointbreak. I told him that I surf beach breaks, and I want a performance based hulll that can trim and redirect. This one’s Short, wide, and round. 6’8", 17 7/8" nose, 21 3/4" middle, 16"tail, 3" thick. S-deck no additional charge!!!

Hey Rob, glad you guys like your boards, I told Greg to keep those comin I really like the way those turned out. Let me know how they go , looks like more surf on the way, nice to meet you guys.

on Liddle’s site i saw one “Beachbreaker” – but it was a 2+1 setup — same?

Yr board looks sweeto.


Love to hear how it goes in a beach break, looks awesome. Whats the botom, is it flat, slight vee…?


I’m going to take it out this weekend.I will let you know how it works.


on Liddle’s site i saw one “Beachbreaker” – but it was a 2+1 setup — same?

Yr board looks sweeto.


I wouldn’t call it a beachbreak model, nor does it have a 2+1 setup. It’s a newer model that is currently being worked on.

The bottom of this board is similar to many of the liddle hulls philosophy. Belly up front flat off the tail. Maybe Kirk can chime in for a better explanation. Or check out the liddle website:


Love to hear how it goes in a beach break, looks awesome. Whats the botom, is it flat, slight vee…?



Do they have a m3p bottom or a liddle flatter? In the photo, the hull looks deeper than a Pointbreaker.


that is bitchin’!

Hey Los Lee, no just Greg’s normal bottom. Greg’s been getting better blanks from US foam and can get a lower rocker but still have a nice S-deck. I think that template just had a bit wider tail for beachbreaks. Very much like the board Wayne Lynch rides towards the end of A Sea of Joy.

Okay, so here is my first days thoughts on the new hull. I just had it out on a clean lined up morning that later turned a bit bumpy and slow. This report is coming from a fairly versed surfer(26 years or surfing), that likes to try everything, and ride each board as it is intended. I am new to hulls, but I have ridden everything from classic logs to shortboards. It paddles great compared to a shortboard, but kinda like a slow longboard. Trim spot feels big for the size of the board. The thing hauled ass when there was some clean upstanding face. Low slung rocker, knifed up rails, and belly equals a great slice and trim feel. When turning, set the rail and let the rocker and outline pull you thru the turn. No faking it, as the board will release when it says, so choose you line accordingly. Plus the short and wide template offers a great deal of versatility to the hull. No need to walk much and by shifting forward and backward you can really change up the trim spot or turning radius. A great experience that takes a different mindset and approach, but can produce some great long driven turns, section connecting, and quick fades. This hull has definitely earned a place in the quiver!

“be carfeul, it will mess with your mind…” watch out, you may get addicted, and if you do, well you can join us in support meetings at Kp’s!!

To late.I’m already hooked!

Hey RadRob-

That’s a sweet ride. Thanks for letting me check that one out today. Can’t wait to see the other one as well.

I guess it’s about time I jump into the “hullophile” cauldron.

Surfing’s about the experience.

At the end of every wave we paddle back out and start over to try again with what we’ve learned. It never ends…

Here’s some photos to share of my latest and personal 6’2"…

low rocker, knifey rails, s-deck, and a little edge running off the back of the fin…

flowing outline with the widepoint pretty far ahead of center…

Letting it run…

Having fun.


Sounds great, must be stoked!!

Have fun:)

Nice board Tim. How does it work for you?



This is one fun little board.

So far have only surfed in a few beach break sessions. That’s what I mainly get to surf around here, so that’s a good testing ground.

Paddles and catches waves really well.

Super fast and gains even more speed when it’s on rail and left to run.

Definatley not your “top 44?” type of surfing…very refreshing.

Surfs like what everyone else is talking about on the “other” hull thread.

A definate eye opener and super fun board to ride and have in the quiver.


hey Rad Rob-ride that new one of yours yet?

Good to hear. Have you made or ridden bigger ones, like around 7’ or bigger. The one on you website looks like a nice shape.

There are some short new design Liddles on the Post Hull Pics thread. Big wide arc-tails.


tStamps: nice site… the pooch is a nice touch… sez sumpin about you ( good ) … some beautiful-looking boards there. i hopes you keep posting pics of yr hulls.