yo guys check this out… i had this idea a few weeks ago and i was just looking at some site and this link came up and i clicked on it…

this is really cool… maybe cheaper blanks?

really cool if you know one perfect shape and never want to surf a different foil, could just shell out more dough for a cookie cutter shell but yeah I agree with you that it is a appealing prospect when you are workin on glue ups, finish your board yet nova??

don’t forget to read the shape safely post if your planning on blowin up the surfboard balloon.

forget it – that article is 2.5 years old, like craftee said

the machine is 100 feet long and 25 feet tall


behold the revolution!

yuk yuk

and 2+2=?

That’s an old article; as far as I know, it hasnt been succesfull yet.

People (perhaps the product developers themselves) dont realize the tech involved in shoot molding a PC part that big. The equipment costs involved are quite large.

Thus, to make a profit you either:

  1. sell A LOT of them

  2. premium price them

Now what are the chances either of those will happen from a molded non custom pop out?

Slim to none?

EDIT: someone also failed to realize the specific weakness of PC as compared to FG. Ever see any PC boat or PWC hulls? Or better yet, would you buy one if they offered it?

yeah you guys sorry… i didnt really read the article. i only skimmed the first paragraph and i was in school so… sorry though i shouldve looked at the date…

surfin your way through school huh?

apology accepted.

finish your board though.

some thoughts on this polycarbonate shell thing.

I was under the impression that polycarbonate is some really tough stuff, and in some interpretations it is indeed.

BUT I have a bunch of Nalgene bottles made of the stuff that are leaking like crazy. It seems that the bottles’ weakness are the seams. Drop one on the ground, and the seam on the bottom of the bottle just gives up.

So where will the seam on these boards be? The rails? Where most load is transfered and most impacts occur?