China's Dropping It's Subsidy On Petrol

Twenty percent subsidy apparently. India and Indonesia too or so the rumor goes. Just in case you gave a toss.

Hey deanbo I used to live in Gizzy with my wife were do you live? We are up in vancouver island now but in a year I am thinking of maybe immigrating back through work sponsership. I really miss it there. Has it been nasty this winter?

If you mean weather wise in Auckland (where I live), well it’s always shit during winter. I be moving to Gisborne tomorrow given half the chance, a lot less travelling for surf (less petrol) and far better waves. In fact I’d be off their right now if I had enough money. The economy is pretty damn slow at the moment as well, but give it six to twelve months and I’d say it will be a pretty damn good time to buy a house if you have the cash.

Economy wise I expect things to be a little better by the end of this year, but no big difference until a couple of years from now.

I was told shipping is getting bigger in Gizzy, and being a boat captain I am thinking of going back for a visit and trying to get job sponsered. I might have to wait till may so I will get some of that sick Wainui perfection. Maybe we can have a surf and a beer in the future.