Chinese Boards

I recently did some ding repairs for a guy. One was a 6’10" pretty decent shape, rode it myself and liked it. Mind you the glass job was pretty poor.

WHen the guy comes to collect his boards he tells me he bought his board in Taiwan (His wife is from there) the shortboard cost $228 and his longboard, which had a great glass job and gloss $270.

Now here is a recent invoice for supplies showing what I pay to build a 6’10"

8m 6 oz $54.55

Wax in sty $ 7.10

5kg Resin $55.00

Leash Plug $ 2.00

6’11"R $105.00

Fin Set $ 36.00

PLus, Sandpaper, Squeege, Brusher, other disposeables and depreciation $20

This gives me a materials only price of $279.65, Plus Carriage - $299

Thank God I only shape for myself, There is no way you could make a living at those prices. To go commercial you could save in volume and CNC but you would pay it out again in commercial costs such as premises, Taxes advertising, Insurance and administration.