chinese / korean spam

Regarding these spam posts - due to the latest glitch they can only be deleted one by one, and moderators cannot ban them, because we cannot access the member pages right now.

For the past month i have been spending an hour a day deleting this stuff from every single forum category. Seems like there was a break for the last week.

The site owner has so far not responded to my numerous pleas to correct the glitch so that we could ban spammers and delete all their posts at once - it would be a huge help.

Also be nice if spambots could be screened out at sign-up.

Right now i am dealing with the loss of a close family member and my plate is full. I appreciate any help from the site owner and the other moderators to deal with this latest onslaught.



That’s sad to hear, Huck. I am sorry for your loss.

I guess only mods can delete such posts? I would gladly give you hand deleting that stuff. In case that is technically possible, just let me know.

I have been deleting them whenever I come on Swaylocks also. Admittedly I am not on here as much as Huck though.

Like Huck said, being able to ban the user was much better.

If you have an account @ LinkedIn you might be able to contact Mike Paler there. Paler link PMed.
Without the ability to ban and delete all posts by a user, forum spam is a b!tch to deal with.
If you want to know what the language is (assuming you are curious), copy the message title and paste it into Google Translate.

It will detect the language for you. You can also convert something you have written into that same language, e.g. F— Off.
According to Google, the language is Chinese.
So “F— Yourself” would be:
In simple Chinese
In traditional Chinese

Sorry to hear about your loss. Please don’t lose any sleep worrying about this when you have far more important concerns. Sincerest condolences to you and your family.

I just PMed Mike…
I am sure he will take care of it as soon as he can.

I’d be happy to help, as would others I’m sure

Warmest thoughts to Huck and his family.

Ideas for the forum, besides giving the moderators more power to delete scamming abusers with one click:

  1. Do not allow URL’s in posts by new users (so there is no chance for click-for-cash revenue for the scammers)
  2. Limit new posting to 1 per day per new user (so we don’t get 40 post from the same scammer each day)

What an absolute drag. I wondered what was going on with all the hieroglyphics showing up. Korea is not on my bucket list to ever visit and as of late, the massive influx into western Europe is scratched of the list for now too.

Thanks for all you do for Sways.

Finally had a little time this evening, took me an hour and a half straight through marathon, the way its set up it takes scrolling and clicking through 4 pages for every single post that has to be deleted! Suffering from carpal tunnel lol, but finally exterminated the last cockroach. Until tomorrow, I guess. Onward and upward!

Thank you, Huck.
You’re a good man.

My condolences, Huck. Sorry for your loss. And thanks for all the work you do behind the scenes on Sawylocks.

Does anyone think this shit is maliciously aimed at Sways ?
It’s not in English.
It’s not related to surfcraft.
It’s repeated for no gain other than the irritant factor.

But alternatively, it could be completely believable that it’s some delightfully cute guy wasting hours of his own time posting for no reason than he’s just a tad lonely and wants Bill Thrailkill to be his mentor…?

Well, that failed them. What are you smoking, eh? Why link my name, with that crazy shit? Humor, perhaps? Just asking.

Because your advice is of worth. Nothing bad.

just had another marathon delete fest, this time I spent an hour and a half just to get general discussion cleared up - fun! (not)

Points given for heroic effort, and performance.

I am just a foot soldier in the battle for freedom of surfboard expression :smiling_face:

the main reason this is happening is based upon spammers making money. Most likely the only reason anyone is attacking swaylock is because it is not secured. We had something similar happen to one of our university sites. The Russians hid links to drug websites on our site, and I had to go through and remove them. They did this to legitimize their website, and have it show up in google searches.

The analogy would be something like"
suppose you are a shitty Chinese board maker, say NSP, and have a bad reputation making surfboards.
Then suppose you walk into Birds surf shed, and start putting small NSP labels on boards in his shop. Now people greatly respect this surf shop. Now they start seeing NSP labels on amazing boards and then they associate the NSP label with something good, and it helps legitimize NSP boards. Of course in the end Birds surf shed will take a reputation hit."

Hope this explains it. Note this is also most likely automated, so someone is not adding these individually. They are most likely attempting to do this to thousands of sites.

I have got a lot of good board building info from you all, so hope this gives you some sort of entertainment.

The web as it is now is best understood by the following Dave Chappelle skit.

Bradda Huck…