Chipfish says Hi!

So it seems our most vocal contributor is indeed computerless and taking an enforced rest from Sways. He’s gone very old school and wrote me a letter, complete with nice blue envelope and a Tasmanian Devil stamp (the real one, not the cartoon!) and said he’s enjoying being webless as he’s surfing and making fins like crazy and figured at near 10 000 posts it’s fair to everyone if he’s gone for a bit! He said to say hello to everyone so here it is.


classic !

THANKS Cap’nn Kirk !

well, i tried posting photos from a cd , following hicksy’s over the phone instructions …didn’t work [like me!]

so hopefully , i can get some shots on cd to eno to post for me , as long as his boss doesn’t sack him …hmmm…

okay , now for any who may be interested …

update time …since january 28th …

so far ,

i have done four “turbo charger type” templates …some 2" base , and 2-3" depth ones .

also , i cut the back of two fibreglass keels , following the shots of the dvs keels posted ‘fairly’ recently .

6 more ‘normal’ fins to refoil …plus of course , hundreds of others …

it would be nice to be able to post these on the “modified fins” thread , one day …[if i can get the photo editing and posted thing sorted on these internet cafe computers [different programmes to what i have used …]

SOOOO , anyway …

WHO uses fcs fins here ? [plenty to spare , at THIS end !]

my ‘desk’ looks much more ‘normal’ , now there is no computer taking up space there , it is covered with fins , cardboard templates , power saw , grinder , file , sanding blocks , etc …

now if my damn neck and shoulders will co-operate , i may be able to actually WORK on them …

year’s computer-less goal …to have at least 50 %+ of these fins ‘done’ before the year is out , all going well , of course !



[…it feels weird to post without putting photos in here too … ]

Howzit chip,I think in order to post pics from a disc you have to save them to a file in a folder first, then access the file in the folder to post it. Aloha,Kokua

hiya Mike !

CHEERS for that !

I was wondering how that works , on a ‘public’ computer others use , though ?



…how ya been , anyway , Mike …are you surfable yet ? [i am starting to realise how easy it had been for me to take surfing and health for granted in the past …]