chipfish61sucks !

‘benzer bottom’ , ‘prawn’ , ‘maladjust’, ‘bushfire fish’ , ‘orangestub’ , ‘greenpin’??? bioards with 1,2,3,4,5, 6?? fins choices ? Dude , when are you going to ride a normal board, a truster? They work good , you know?


Yeah, it’s true, they work good for the average surfer, even the above average surfer.

But some people like to play and have fun with other stuff, expand their knowledge and understanding.

Some don’t like to be average.

Chip for pres!!! You got my vote!!

What’s the deal with your obsession over chipfish? Did he reject your online sexual advances? Are you the Micheal Knight’s evil twin?


obs session





Revert to "obssession"hipfish

chip fish





Ignore all

Add to dictionary

Hey Cec,

yeah, I agree, Chip sucks… I have only ridden trusters for the last 20 odd years and found them to be fully thrustworthy. Chip sucks so much he wants to experiment and try his own thing, make his own bioards and finns. Why can’t he be normal like the rest of us in Ward 14? If only the rest of us could bring as much fun to the Swaylocks forum as Chip, then we would all suck biiig time. Hey Chip, seeing as you may look at this, the fish is shaped all bar I have to tidy up the butt crack. Oh no… I’m going to ride a four finned bioard I shapoed myself… looks like I maight be on the road to suckdom


…Chipfish is really Dick Brewer.

wow we’re evolving into the Surfermag forum.

when do the trolling wars and show me your t** requests start.

maybe Mike will have to start something new again…

was bound to happen

evolution that is


I LIKE TO LAUGH !!!and that last post did just that for me…thanks…lol

It appears that someone didn’t read rule #1 of the forum rules.


Dude , when are you going to ride a normal board, a truster?

I do have another question. What is a truster?

stubs got a whole new bag


Dude , when are you going to ride a normal board, a truster?

I do have another question. What is a truster?

a ‘truster’ is a three fin board you can trust every day. ‘Oneula’ , “show us your t** requests” . well i’ve never seen a one t**ed woman . so yes, if you have any photos , that wouild be interesting , man !


I’ve been laughing the whole time. I couldn’t figure out if Stubs was a mate of Chip’s or if he was deadset having a go at him. Either way, thought I’d join in. Of course, my comments don’t show the same level of perceptiveness as Oneula’s. Final comment to no one in particular…dude, ever thought of using a spell checker? They work well you know.

Final comment to no one in particular…dude, ever thought of using a spell checker?


Bad form on the net to comment on spelling and grammar, BTW.

so, by this logic, if someone had said to simon anderson, “hey why don’t you just ride a single(or twin) fin, they work fine you know?” where would we be now?

just wait, more and more shapers are getting on the new quad designs. even …lost, bulkey, tc, and other big players. your thruster may be old news someday. and then what?

fins may well be the future of surfing development…

if only ‘chipfish’ was simon anderson’s ability , that could possibly be true .he is however ??? well, yoiu fill in the blanks eh ? many things to many people here , perhaps , but really , my intent is to get him to make and ride a thruster fior a while , to see how he goes on it , and even to see how he goes shaping one.

might post it on a separate thread, but I’m wondering how many here ride thrusters regularly , and have made themselves one?


I, for one, am not interested in seeing Chips tits…


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‘benzer bottom’ , ‘prawn’ , ‘maladjust’, ‘bushfire fish’ , ‘orangestub’ , ‘greenpin’??? bioards with 1,2,3,4,5, 6?? fins choices ? Dude , when are you going to ride a normal board, a truster? They work good , you know?


okay, addressing the first sentence …here we go…

“benzer bottom” …too light glass job [1 layer 4oz top and bottom] , too thick foam , no stringer = creased

“prawn” …4 years heavy usage …time for retirement . Front nose rails catch / bog too often [flatttish rockered]

"maladjust’ …having fun on THIS one at the moment ! glad I used epoxy …the less weight , and the [apparent] rail strength and wood tail blocks hopefully mean this one will be around for lots of summers !! [and smaller fattish other season’s days…]

“bushfire fish” … looking forward to getting this out in some headhigh waves , with four big fins on it !! [not sure about the 'canards yet…to be continued , I guess]

…a fast board , so far . Just wish I hadn’t screwed up the rail laps , and had to add extra resin and weight to it , is all. [I would like to have done the WHOLE board in epoxy , were I confident to do an epoxt resin swirl on it !]

'‘orange stub’ …too heavy / thick / rocker too flat / rails too sharp all around . [Too much vee , also !] Needs the right single fin , and placement , to help make it ‘work’ .

"greenpin’ …


I LIKE the outline , at least ! …A weird foil [too thick under the chest !] too short for my liking , by about probably 10" ! It’s 5’7 , as is the ‘orange stub’…]

Now , addressing the second sentence , regarding the

…“T[H]RUSTER” , eh ?

Did you “read my mind” , mate ?!

…My next board !!

yep ! …my thoughts , at present are : -

6’2 - 6’6 range

An outline ‘similar’ to the greenpin , or my 6’4 ‘Bob Cooper single fin’ , perhaps ? [but with the wide point back from centre ]

Probably a back finbox …f.c.s. sides [single fin option , still. ]

NO extra plugs this time , though ! Yes , you read that right . I want this one to be lighter.

I feel as though (for the last five years or so , at least ) I have satisfied my curiosity , for now …

with a mal, a kneeboard , a quad , many singles , a few twinnies , a couple of 5 finners , and a bonzer fin type setup [ or two !] on these boards over the years .

I am hoping it will benefit my surfing to make and ride a thruster day in , day out [at least through winter].

“Burnsie " … your comments on the " observations on my bonzer” thread ( and your thruster observations there , also ) DEFINATELY hit a chord with me ! So, thanks for sharing those ! I feel like I need to ‘tune in my surfing’ to thrusters [and vice versa] for a while.

And no , Stubs…

…just so that your head doesn’t over-inflate to ginormous proprtions …it has NOT been your coercion [to] “make chip change his mind” ! [sorry to burst that bubble for you , mate !]

… I have always wanted to ride thrusters too. [And I have done that regularly in the past]

Thrusters are good boards , yes…

…I just need to work out the volume , width , thickness and rocker and the other characteristics for me , that will enable me to ‘maximise’ my “performance” , as well as my enjoyment of the waves I will be surfing , given my "ability’’ and my ‘fitness’ / age [the first two, hopefully, can be improved …my age I am unable to change ]

Anyway …

cheers everyone !

ben chipper

west oz

Hey Rob,

In the 70’s the word was “radical”,

In the 80’s the word was “performance”,

In the 90’s it was “refinement”,

An now it appears to be “lost”.

Although some are trying to look ahead of their time, most people are looking back in searching for a “magical source” which could save us of this creativy “limbo”. This phenomena is not exclusive of the surfing world. It’s a crisis in which the whole world is pushed into. Some examples: a new running to the moon, F1 cars stepping back to bring some glory again, the fashion is always doing this, etc.

Our spaceship is in danger, and while its passengers are running the risk of disappear from its surface, some people are worried about what kind of design the others are using…C’mon…


yes , I’d be keen to hear who here REGULARLY rides thrusters too, Stubs !

[maybe post a thread on it?]

…I have a sneaking suspivcion most people here have at least one in their quiver , but haven’t come out of the closet about that yet ?

[maybe you could call the thread "closet thruster riders’ , if that doesn’t sound too suss ?]


Chipfish gets me stoked with his enthusiasm.(did I spell that right??) RB

Okay, I just can’t believe that someone is trying to level down all the rich discussion I’ve met at this place… Chip is a good designer/inventor/tester, he has his own ideias and it’s GREAT all around! He’s giving his contribution, for sure. And you, what’s your contribution??? Come here to share and learn, not to put the best thing of Swaylock’s down.

By the way… Chip, I really like your boards, I’ve learnd with your mistakes and achievements. You’re one of the Swaylockians that have inspired me to make my move. I’m about to shape my first, and it’s not going to be a thruster thing.


Joao Pessoa Filho