chipper are you surfed out


I was looking at the swell reports for there yesterday

5.6m was it going off or what

come on where are the pics


no banks …and strong onshores WHEN there is that kind of swell.

Today is head high , but the devil wind [northerly]

…but down south lately , they have been doing tow-ins . And northy has been double to triple overhead [paddle-ins] , I heard …

in fact , they have been doing tow-ins a coupla days a week for the last few months …it’s been MAAASSSIVE …not as big as your en zed swell that hit the mexican bommies , but still bigggg !

[if you hit ‘surfline’ , there’s been some photos by jamie scott that have been AMAZING …hopefully Pascal [‘popeye’] has the link …I’m just not sure how long they stay on site for , is all.

How about YOU guys , Mike has it been firing there or what ?



dunno about you guys bit its ferkin pumping on the eastcoast

screaming death pits with snow run off


…photos , pleeeease !

cheers paul !


mike , here’s today’s forecast / present conditions …

and , some s.w. buoy readings …