choosing a mask

I need a new face mask and was surprised how many there are. One friend told me to get a full mask and someone else said stick with a half because of weight and it’s cooler. What brand/model are you using or reccomend?

3M 6300 half or 6800 full.6001 filter with both for toxic stuff or the pink dust cartridges for sanding not too toxic stuff.I use the half unless I’m spraying.I’m a boat painter and this is what I use.Shaped a few boards and they worked there too.

for glassing or shaping? i use a plain face mask for shaping, toxic dust regulated. for glassing i use the double cartridge type. one that is rated for organic vapors. home depot carries a good variety, or any good fiberglass supply co.

I’d be using it for glassing and sanding. saw the 3m for $11 looks like that’s what I’m getting.

Where did you find for 11 bucks?? Mine cost me 35. and 15-20 for filters.

Howzit DG, for $11.00 it probably doesn’t come with catridges of filters. I’ve seen them for $15.00 here on Kauai but that’s just the mask period. Aloha, Kokua is where I got it. They have a location near me so there wasn’t shipping. They have an online cataloge with prices.