Chopped Noses... Which Blank?

I was ogling a Barry Snyder Hitchcock model board today.

Barry’s boards always look amazing.

Anyways, I was wondering about nose rocker on these things.

Does that wide blunt nose require lower nose rocker or standardish nose rocker.

For instance, if I wanted to build a 5’6".

Would I use, say, the 5’10"RP and have almost 4" of nose rocker. Or, would I use like a 6’2"A, position my template aft to preserve tail rocker and end up with just a couple inches nose rocker.

Really, I am wondering if nose rocker should be dropped a little so that wide nose doesn’t push water?


The rocker you desire in a board should come first.  Find a blank that will give you the rocker you want, but will allow for the chop at the nose.  Obviously you are moving rocker back wken you chop the nose.  So find a blank that will give you the rocker after it has been pulled back.  I’got alot of misc blanks from the Clark era that when shortened up give me a more current rocker.  Lowel

Thanks McDing, I really appreciate your input… That’s the way I was leaning.

By “current rocker” do you mean more relaxed vs the Clark era?

Seems to me that rockers are relaxing vs the 90’s do you agree?

Or, maybe nose rockers is relaxing but tail rocker is the same?

So, assuming it works with the outline I want to use, I’m thinking the 5’10"RP would be my best bet.

Actually, now that I’m looking at the catalog again…

The 6’0"R might be a good bet with 2 1/8"T rocker.

I could move my template aft to keep that tail rocker.

This would leave me 2 1/2" ish in the nose…

Then I could either shape a little nose rocker into it or bevel that front edge…


I have used both and I like the 6-2 A the best even for shorter boards 5’ thru 5’-6‘‘.  do not remember my exact finished numbers I am way down south but the boards ride good. The 6’2’’ has a wider nose to work with. 

Yes rockers these days are more “relaxed” as they say. Mostly with regard to the nose or another idiom “entry rocker”.  Tails seem to be on the increase.  It makes sense when you put it all together.  Less entry or nose rocker,  a single concave bottom and slightly increased tail rocker.   not that much differant than the formula for a good nose rider.   Just distributed differently and in a smaller package.  Lowel

Thanks to both of you!

Hey Chris, what density blank are you getting from Nick for this build? Red? Blue? For my next build(kite surfboards) I’m thinking of using the orange. Nick doesn’t stock them, so I’ll have to order them & it’s about 3 week lead.

According to the catalog, Orange is the lightest and mostly used for competition boards, but I’ll compensate by increasing my laminating schedule. I don’t really want to use EPS blanks for these. I think the P/U blanks are a little stronger.

I dunno.

This project is low on the to do list.

Probably gonna go with red.

That’s what I used on the twinzer and I like it.

5’10"RP and 6’2"A with rocker changes.

Natural rockers will get you in the ballpark.

Thanks Barry!

I’m old and fat. I just shaped a 6-1 shortboard from a 6-2P blank. Wow…so easy with the right blank…

ChrisP… No BS… I would start your project with a 6-10 fish blank. A big fat mama… and then I would love that gal down little by little. Lots of hugs and kisses. Four inches off the nose and 4 in off the tail…Fat girl just got a big work out…sometimes thick is good…and wide too…you can get alot of rocker out of a cut down 6-10…