Chopped Strand Mat, emulsion binder

For chopped strand mat, what is the emulsion binder made up of that holds it together?

Trying to find out if there is any epoxy available on the market that is able to dissolve the binder without use of added solvents…or if I have to use a solvent, what do I use and in what ratio?

Was at expo today at left Greenroom Epoxy stumped since they didnt know what the binder ingredients were and RR epoxy didnt have anyone there to ask…hoping one of you epoxy gurus will chime in.


Its been a while since i’ve done any lams with csm and epoxy. But i’m pretty sure we used csm which was powder bound. It is alot more prone to falling apart than regular emulsion mat.


Hey platty…

Was looking at trying out some of the powder bond csm as well since I was sure that worked with epoxy. Will have to look into the local sources and see if I could get some. Still open to finding out what the emulsion binder is in regular csm though if anyone knows…

According to the ACI csm data sheet the binder is poly-vinyl acetate. Not to be confused with pva polyvinyl alcohol release agent. platty.


PM’d you some info.


Awesome…thanks a bunch Rob!