Christenson glider(quad)/ Frye fishsimmons/ Mabile megladon info?

Christenson glider(quad)/ Frye fishsimmons/ Mabile megladon info?

I have searched swaylocks and the net for all available info on these boards and not come up with much info. Paul Gross and Spencer Kellog have made some Simmons type boards that I found in the resources but apart from that there’s not much info on longer twin or four finned boards. I’m not comparing the Simmons(cherry/martin) monolith to the Christenson glider but just want as much info ass possible on longer dual finned boards.


This winter I’ve discovered and surferd two new rocky pointbreaks, both offer long ,clean and fast rides. The downside is at lower waterlevels(we don’t have tides per se in the Gulf of Bothnia) boulders are exposed and several of my fins have been refoiled. Only bigger setwaves are surfable in these kind of conditions, smaller waves tend to brake right over the cobblestone rocks.

I think I could get away surfing the points in these conditions with a big glider type board with a twin keel or quad setup. Early entry to avoid the boulders in front of the takeoff and decreased fin height compared to my other boards(3fin bonzer, nugget, 2+1 logg)would help me slide over the boulders just beneath the surface.

Another reason is that I’ve been struggling with chronic impingement/bursitis in my left shoulder for 3years and my workouts in between surfs (to improve strength and stamina) have been reduced to rehab.

Any info on how the above mentioned boards ride, dims or other similar designs would be most appreciated.

Sorry for the crappy photo but the sun was setting and time a wasting, still think you get the picture.

Thanks. Sami