Christian Bros.Surfboards

Do surfboard shops/Mfg offer jobs to shapers that do underground surfboards? Does this slove two problems 1. To get someone to shape their brand. 2. Break up an underground shaping/glassing team that was producing several custom boards at much lower cost that a shop. Answer…Yes.

Often we get the retails outlet that wants a shop label, an idea that I think is useless, but, nevertheless, this is where the 3rd string rookies come into play. An unknow lable at cheaper price by wanna be shapers. Doing hand shpes or a generic off the machine. The shop lable board is like the Thai boards, no recognition outside of that shop and with no value to other retailers.

i may not have all the facts, but what does this thread have to do with ‘christian bros.’ surfboards? and by the way jim, ‘wanna be shapers’? easy man.

Tell me? how many of you guys that have never had a check from a real surfboard mfg. company, would leave at least one nut on the front steps for that job? That’s what I mean when I say wanna be shapers, the guys who are still in the 7-11 night shift until the big break comes along. Jesus, Cleanlines and I would have about sucked cock to have gotten a 6th string shaping job in Hawaii in the early 60’S

Christian Bros. was an underground surfboard in Long Beach. They made great sticks for every local that needed a lower cost board custom built shape/colors …Then they got broke up…The shaper never did recover from the divorce…He’s now dead and nobody gives a rats ass. He also made a longboard for Nuuhiwa with a rootbeer tint color that appeared in the Surfers 1976 Summer mag a 2 page spread.

Seems to me that there was once a shop brand named Canyon. And, didn’t a guy named Rusty shape there first?

…Not including dings and sweeping…I Got my first check for shaping from a real surf the age of 18…Don’t get me wrong, I was gifted,as much as they were gullible.Herb