Christian Wach on an Alaia in Nova Scotia

Hey everyone,

Thought you might be interested to see a homemade alaia in action.

This is a recent episode of our web-show “SurfDonkey” where we looked back to the summer when Christian Wach was in town with a few of his mates. He took out his homemade pine alaia and did some cool stuff. We also had Tom Curren in for a in-store chat about a few other things in episode #4 as well.

Have a look, drop up a comment and enjoy!

Thanks for watching if you go.


Hi Craig,

I already watched it a few days ago, and posted it in another Alaia thread earlier today.

really cool clip, thanks for the heads up anyway…



I caught that link (and much appreciated BTW) so I thought I’d drop it as a main thread as I saw some ppl were interested.

Big thanks for the crosspost.

Coffee on us when you’re up this way :),