Christmas Day Tsunami

Yesterday a 8.9 earthquake off Sumatra generated a Tsunami that has killed thousands of people in Asia. They mentioned the Maldives as one of the places affected. Let's all hope that any traveling surfers in the area are OK. The story was on the Yahoo website. They say we here in Hawaii are way over due for one and I hope it stays that way for a long long time. Aloha,Kokua

The death toll is now at 10,000 (as of 4:30pm California time)…and expected to climb. Unbelievable.

Northern Sumatra took a direct hit. I can’t wait to hear some of the stories that come out of the Mentawais as this tragic event unfolds.


Sri lanka and thialand have a really high toll so far.

…Nias , ‘a popular destination for surfers’ , was mentioned on our news last night as having been hit too !!!

death toll now at 20 000 and still expected to climb …

nothing has been heard at all from whole regions …

were at least 6000 kms away and the surge hit here yeaterday afternoon 8 or 9 hours after the quake …

im still a little shocked by the some of the footage and news reports …

massive waves sweeping across crowded tourist beaches and holiday resorts …

heavy stuff …



Toll is over 22,000, but that number is sure to rise.

Such a catastrophe. The saddest news of all is that the rest of the world had knowledge about the quake and pending tsunamis well before they actually ihit the coastlines…the agencies that monitor this stuff were attempting to reach all associated areas for a while but had no luck in getting the word out.

Had this happened the casualty rate could have been greatly minimized.


The tsunami was so powerful it smashed boats and flooded areas along the east African coast, 3,728 miles away.

A tsunami that is just a few centimeters or meters high from trough to crest can rear up to heights of 100 to 150 feet as it hits the shore, striking with devastating force.

waves that can travel across the ocean at speeds of more than 500 miles an hour

I heard on the news that most of the Maldives were underwater.

How about a Swaylocks Disaster Relief Fund, to be sent to the Red Cross or similar organization?

I’m in for $50. (have to put off buying that resin.)

Howzit Skip, Just found out that a good friend,Dave Semans died in the thailand tsunami. Dave owned the North Shore Taxi and limo business here until about 3 or 4 years ago. He married a Thai girl and moved there after selling the business. He was working on his house in Phuket when he saw what was going on and tried to get away in his car but thay found him dead behind the wheel,Mike Armstrong was a good friend of his and he was the one who informed us about Dave. Aloha,Kokua

shocking footage…some low lying islands must’ve been completely obliterated… give to charities…this is the worst natural disaster I can remember

Here are some amazing photos that show the height of the water and just how far the water receeds before the next wave. No running away from this destructive power.

Pics/blog found at a Swedish newspaper. So many tourist on holidays; many countries will lose a lot of people. RIP.

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Death toll at about 45000 now… Sure will rise, predictions. Phuket is really popular with Norwegian tourists, about 20 confirmed dead, 800 missing. Still, it’s just a drop in the ocean compared to the natives.

This picture of a swedish kid really got to me.


I think that is a great idea. I’m in as well. Tell me how.


just saw your other post - I’m on it


The images of the of the yacht out in the middle of the ocean floorbed about to get slammed by the incoming wall of water is incredible.

The fluctuation of the water level is scary


death toll 60’000 and set to rise, have some friends that moved to the coast of tyeland 2-3 mths ago, haven’t had any news yet, hoping they are OK. hard to get any info as I don’t know the area they would have been in and i don’t have any contact numbers for her parents who live in spane any way.

Anybody hear from MrJ? I seem to remember him mentioning trips to Thailand, and I came across a post recently while scanning the vac bag posts that he was going for Xmas…

I hope he and his are OK…

Found this awesome clip of the tsunami hitting the coast of india…

Massive waves…