Chromacryl Paints in Australia

Hey fellow Aussie's!

I've been thinking of getting some Chromacry Acrylic paints from the local arts paint store to do my next board with. I'll be watering it down just enough to run through the spray gun as required. My question is has anyone else used these paints here in Oz? If not, then what do you think I should use? I'll be spraying the foam blank only. I will be doing a test piece on some foam before I do it for real but would love some advice. I know I can get some paint from my surfboard material supplier but they are very expensive and was hoping for an alternative.




It's a bit of a step backwards but auto acrylic works great on boards. Just go to auto cheap, or repco etc, and buy the small spray cans. Again, its not as fancy as the gun, but it works fine.


Just my .02c

Beerfan! (Love the name)

Sometimes in life the best soloution is often the simplest! Sounds like a easy, quick and cheap option!

I'll give it a go. Thanks mate, I'll post the next board I do and show / comment on the result.


BTW, I'm far from fancy so I like the spray can idea!\


Some cheapo auto acrylic spray jobs. Not great but better than white!. Just make sure its auto acrylic. Heaps of colours too!



Don't use auto acrylic with epoxy.

The solvents in the thinners might cause comtaminations and delams.

Poly is fine.