Clark blank stash...

When’s the last time you saw a pile of Clark blanks like this?   Grubby, long time friend of GL’s who lives just north of him these days on a 1000 acre ranch, sold him a big last shipment before shutting down the factory, which GL has been slowly shaping his way through.  Deadpan quote  from  him in the water a couple of years ago - “I’ll probably retire from shaping after I’ve shaped the last one.”

I love his little smurk when he grabs a blank outa the pile.


Probably doesn't have anymore stashed than I do.  He said he liked my T-Shirt (Clark Foam) when I saw him out back of Pelican's this past summer.  Lowel   PS  Everybody speaks of 1000 acres when they mention Grubby's ranch, but I would think from what I have heard that it is most likly several thousand acres.  Sheep require alot of range.  I know the SOB cruises this site occasionally, but he'll never set us straight.

I thought the general consensus was that there was better foam out there now?


''...better foam out there now?''


YES.   Far superior, IMO.

where have all the gun blanks gone?

gone to bend every one,

when will they ever learn

when will they ever learn.


apologies to pete seegar

Looks like a nice building. Is it his factory? In Bend?

ya, his warehouse/shop in Bend…

haven’t seen him on a surfboard in 5 years, strictly SUP’s the OR coast…and does it as well as he ever surfed…