Clark Foam Planer Identification

Can anyone tell me if there is a way to identify if you have a gen 1 or gen 2 clark foam planer? Is the gen 2 just the 2003 model? The reason I ask , I am going to either purchase an exhaust attachment or modify it to use my vac. I can find no model numbers on the unit just “CF 35968”.

I found posts that state gen 1 units do not take the exhaust attachement well. I purchased the planer in 99’ when I had my own work space, now the garage acts as my shop and my wife does not like the mess! Thanks for the help.

Hey Vortexsurf,

The power cord exits the machine from the top of the handle on the new 2003 (gen 2), and at the rear on the old planer (gen 1). This move was to facilitate the use of a vacuum attachment overhead. The power cord goes up with the vacuum hose but runs on its’ own pulley/weight system to a nearby wall.

The best vac attachment can be done yourself, just holesaw a 1-1/4 hole right in front of the rear handle, dead center. Block off the old exhaust hole with a scrap of plastic and 3 stainless screws. This was suggested during the design process but was not adopted for the production machine due to labor costs, but it is a really trick way to go.

Maybe Rick Holt can show pictures of his set up, years ahead of its time really…

The biggest advantage of the 2003 is the action of the front shoe. Night and day, when compared to the old planer. Once adjusted properly, I have been hard pressed to find anything that cuts more precisely, and I am very “picky”.


Thanks PluseOne! That is exactly what I was looking for. Will try the mod on the planer this weekend.