Clark gen 1 planer exhaust attachment .. what do other's use?

So I’m a lefty and am tired of ‘eating my own dust’ so to speak and shoveling foam from my garage floor … FoamEZ only sells the 03 model exhaust attachment which doesn’t fit the 1st gen. Have other’s had this problem? What was your solution? I’m hoping to either shoot the foam to the front or attach to my shopvac with the slinky attachment (ideal situation). Any feedback would help. Thanks guys. 5’10 fish coming off the racks tonight and my finlandic birch should be arriving any day for the keels.

Wecome fellow lefty. The 1st gen connector never really covered the hole either. It broke soon after getting it attached. When used without a vacuum, splinters would hit my fingers. If you point the foam down, you get splinters in the blank. Up, you get it in the face. Forward, you run over the exhaust with the backplate on one of your passes making a lumpy pass. When hooked up to suction, you still had to go slow or it would clog. They break easy when you throw your planer into the wall. I ended up getting a snow shovel.

I might try one of these with a room that has vacuum walls for both a sanding and shaping room:

Lefty’s Unite!

Thanks for the reply schroeder. Those dust collection systems are surprisingly not very expensive.

You drive to Foam EZ? I looked there just for giggles and found it expensive three years ago. But somebody has to feed the local foam mowers in the area.

Try Brad Basham’s in San Clemente for your foam and equipment instead. It is off of Los Molinos right by the Rainbow sandal factory. Warning about Saturday hours 'cause you only got one hour to scour for what you need. Call ahead. And if you need glassing, you are in luck. There are more glassers in San Clemente than you can shake a stick at. Brad’s shop does good work, so does Hydroglas right behind Brad’s. Both are excellent. Hydroglas if you want tints, opaques, flakes, etc. (only place to get the real deal).

Brad’s Foam Shop, 209 Calle de los Molinos, 949-361-2203

Hydroglas, 207 Calle de Los Molinos, San Clemente, 949-366-8493

Lefty here too. I also have a first generation Clark planer… I am glade I am to poor and cheap to have bought one of those exhaust attachment… I sometimes attach a air cooled VW engine fan hose to the planer,it works for a while but I mostly just let the foam fly and I become a snowman