Clark Hitachi switch

Anyone had the switch go out on the Clark Hitachi? I borrowed a friends bay and planer and just after skinning the bottom, the planer just died. It seems like the switch. I feel responsible for fixing it so I was wondering if anyone has experienced this? Any recommendations?

It was my first board (from a new blank) and I was excited so I just used my hand tools and came up with a nice shape.

Thank you for any words of wisdom,


Any photos of the shaped blank please?

Yea I should have gotten them first. I’ll go down to the shop. Be back in 5.


Great, i’ll look forward to seeing them tomorrow when i get back to work. Off home to do some sanding now.


Here are some photos of my first effort. I think it will go pretty good after I fine tune the thing…Oh yea, and glass it!

Anyone have a suggestion about the planer??



The switch is very simple, pulls apart in 2 halves, dust inside is most likely the culprit

throw it on the ground really hard.


Thanks. You nailed it. Works like a charm.


do you have a profile shot?

No, but I’ll go get one now. I just fine tuned the rails, nose and tail. The above photos are from a very rough stage. I can’t figure out what fin config I want. Any suggestions?

a profile and a bottom shot

What are the board dimensions please?


2 5/8

19 1/2