Clark longboard blanks for sale (not me)

Someone act quick and grab these things (down in san deigo) before someone tells him how much they’re worth.

Hopefully this can help a sways user out.

if they sat to long in that shape they may all be twisted make sure you check that out before you go running out the door with them

Howzit EC, A good shaper can shape the twist out of the blank. I used to let my blanks sit for about 6 months andlet them twist and Louie Strada would shape the twist out of the blank making it so the board had less tendency to twist after glassing.Aloha,Kokua

Some people are already going crazy. I can not believe what some people are paying for Clark blanks. Click on the link below and you will see what I am talking about … Unreal ……k+foam&category0=

I tried contacting this person and got no response, so perhaps it was a joke.

Yes, the prices for blanks on ebay are utterly ABSURD.

that’s insanity…these blanks are selling for over $500…wow, people in a panic are STUPID!

it’s just foam

what’s the topic?..

yah, some people are absurd…but the people who are selling them on ebay arent…the 9’8"s i sold on there last week paid my rent for next month…anything wrong with that?? :smiley:

i’ve got a 9’9"W with a noserider rocker and a really nice custom stringer…it’d probably turn a nice profit…but it’s MINE…ALL MINE!!! (gonna be awhile before i can get anything from walker)

it seems like the more foam youve got, the more money people are giving up…but over the last few days, so many blanks have been going up on ebay that i dont think the prices are going to get as high as theyve been.

currently on Ebay for you longboard guys…one is a triple stringer 10’1"Y

It’s obviously not about the foam. It’s about speculation on what could very well become a valuable collectable.

Shaping one at this point might prove to be downright stupid.

Are you gonna go out and spend that silver dollar your grandfather gave you on something that costs a dollar?


You make an excellent point.

I have four Clark Foams left and I am not touching them at this time.

I may just post a pic – weird, I’ve posted very few boards that I felt were appropriate for display here but I am very proud of my Clark Foam collection now…

Happy New Year from an old Swayholic.

Shape on Gents,


Surf by Day,

Skate by Night…

Howzit John, Just got off long distance call from a friend who just got 50 longboard blanks from Clark at wholesale price. I guess Clark is doling out the last of his inventory (approx. 5000 ) blanks to his big accounts for cash or cashiers checks only. He said that some of the companies that sold Clarks are selling theirs for big bucks, while the guys getting the ones direct from Clark are not paying any more than they did before Black Monday. No names to protect the innocent.Aloha,Kokua