Classic book on surfing and wave formation/ocean mechanics from the 60's?



On another forum (or maybe this one?) a while back someone recommended a book from the 1960's as THE surfing book to read on ocean wave formation and wave mechanics. The post said that it was an entertaining read and the author wrote engagingly with some humor. I cannot find the original post, so I thought I'd post here to see it rang a bell with anyone.


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Hm…maybe it was “Waves and Beaches” by Willard Bascomb?

Geez, I didn’t even know that there was a new edition until I checked just now.

“Surf Science”, a more recent book by Tony Butt is good, too.

(I’m not intending to plug Amazon, but they have the most readily available links.)


That’s a “must have” for anyone who surfs. Your library is incomplete without it.
Bascom dispels many of the wave myths held by surfers. The proof is in the physics.

Got my first copy around 1964. Wore it out and got another.

Heard about the revised edition (1980) and scored one about 15 years ago.

If you cannot find one for a good price, get Drew Kampion’s “Book of Waves”. He quotes heavily from Bascom in that one.

My copies:


Revised edition


Original printing

yah, Willard Bascombs book is fantastic. lot's good stuff in there

You guys are good. Waves and Beaches is the title! Thanks much.