cleaning my sealed blank before lam, I have to get it right cause this board will have my mates ashes in the resin.

Soooooo i came into the space under a building at work where my gear is stored for the school projects we have been getting into our recycled board stuff.

To my utter dismay I realised where the freshly sealed blank was stored was under a “deck” and not a floor, there had been some heavy dew or a cleaner had hosed off the deck.

The blank was dirty evidence of dirty water dripping onto it then drying out, I am not sure if I can really clean it. The eps been sealed with epoxy there are little holes in it where the epoxy has soaked into the foam.

I have already cut the cloth
But… maybe I should roll it up and try to clean it. I gave it a light sand, but I’m super worried that there could be all sorts of oils and crap on it. I’m also concerned about water getting into the blank if my sealer job isn’t perfect.

Any tips???

Also realised my half decent shears were at home so I have used the worst scissors in history. It’s a shamozle.

The first picture is the perfectly sealed white tinted blank, the next few are the blanks after it got dirty, i know i should not have put the cloth on it yet.

I was so devo that all logic went out the window I was in denial and thought I could forge ahead but I think I need to bite the bullet, roll up the cloth, fin patch and funky carbon included and wash the entire blank. But I have no idea of the best way to go about it?

I wanna make sure this thing works as I will be putting the ashes of my mate into the lam so we can surf together. So I would really appreciate any suggestions.

Llloks likenim just gunna hit it with soapy water and a brush then rinse well and dry well…

what about an opaque lam ?

I’m worried about the bonding if I don’t clean it. I’m doing a white lam with some of my mates ashes down one or both rails.

An Automotive painting Supply company will have decontamination product to clean the Sealed blank. You might also check with companies that sell Boat paint. They will also have some product that might be better for cleaning contaminated fiberglass.

If it’s super important, I’d scrap it all and start over. Or just build that one as is and make another one to put the ashes in.

In my experience all imperfections only magnify as the board progresses.

i’ll finish the board but maybe just a tiny bit of wizz in it, and i can take him surfing on more than one board then.
but i get where you are coming from.