Cleaning surf wax off a Resin Research Epoxy board; naphtha, acetone?

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what is the best wax to clean old surf wax off an EPS #2 board made with Resin Research?

Spatula. You can use sandpaper to remove anything left as well, but be prepared to go through a fair bit of it.

Foam dust, sawdust, wood shavings.

Bill has it. Scape off the heavy stuff with a spatula and finish with foam dust.

thanks all; thought you were going to give me an easy answer! now to empty out my shop vac

Howabout the glue left over from a traction pad?

wax? Hot sun, scraper, then Coleman Fuel or paint thinner on a rag.

deck pad adhesive? Acetone.

Don’t use Acetone on an acrylic/speed finish board though.

Old credit cards for scraping. If you know someone who works in that business that helps… To remove the leftover use ski/snowboard base cleaner or other citrus oil based cleaners.

I use a credit card, to scrape the heavy stuff off, a lot of shops here have plastic gift cards you can top up with $ to send to people instead of paper vouchers, I go grab a load of these as they work we for doing ding repairs as well.

then I use foam dust, its crazy how well it works, or a paper towl and a hair dryer. for repairs I’d give it a wipe with alcohol to remove any residue but if its just to make it look nicer to sell then just buff it straight up, the small amount of melted wax left will give a wicked shine.

lay board out in the sun, boil some water, pour on and scrape off use a rag and wipe out inside any dents in the deck. use a little polishing compound afterward and it will look like new. I honestly can’t understand any rationale for using harmfull solvents like acetone to do something a little hot water will do so well.


Why waste the solvent? Why pollute when you don’t have to?

Put the board in the sun so the wax will soften. Scrape the board with an old CD disk that you’re gonna throw away anyway.

Put some foam dust in a pair of worn out pantie hose and rub the board down. The wax will be gone in no time.

Gone Surfin’, Rich

Acetone doesn’t work well on wax. Sun won’t work on deck pad adhesive. A bit of Coleman fuel vapor from a rag isn’t much relative to the big picture. I emit more noxious, toxic, planet dooming greenhouse gas everytime I fart.

Always use a plastic scraper. This could be a plastic drywall type from Home Depot. I use these plastic wedges that are used for separating molds like on boat hulls, they come in various widths and are great. Wipe the board with paint thinner to get the wax residue off. Paint thinner won’t affect the paint on surftechs as long as you just wipe with it. Alway test a small area first. Spray the wiped areas with a waterbased muli-purpose cleaner and wipe dry.

Traction pads have an adhesive which is basically a double-sided film. Same with most stickers/labels. When you tear off the pad, the film and adhesive stays. I saturate a small area with “Goo Gone” and then scrape off the film with the plastic scraper. Once the film is all gone, you can wipe off the rest with more goo gone or some WD-40. Clean the area with a waterbased cleaner when you’re done.