Apparently, I stepped in a big glob of the stuff.

Not only is it on the heel of my boot but it’s getting tracked all over the deck of my board…

Does anybody have any tips on cleaning the stuff off?

I am assuming I will need to use some kind of solvent but I am worried about solvents destroying the rubber and/or glue of the booties.

Gasoline/petrol both leaded and unleaded will work the higher the octane rating the faster the results with less carbon build up .

Don’t use gasoline!  Too harsh for Neoprene or rubber, plus you will efixiate.  Just use “low odor mineral spirits” aka Paint thinner.   Works on all petroleum base materials and not as harsh.

baby oil works wonders on skin with tar, assume it works on booties?

Dawn diswashing soap is what they use to clean birds that get oil on their feathers.

Yup! Agree with Sharkcountry. Soap and a scrub brush

Additive F

does no one use baby oil? or even olive oil? like to cut like, right? baby oil requires no scrubbing. it’s incredibly quick and easy. dawn/dish soap was always a huge PIA when getting it off my feet. never got it off that easily

again, if baby oil is no good for rubber/booties, understood. i’ve never tried it.

Try peanut butter. It’s the oil in the peanut butter that breaks down the tar. Mayonaise will work also. Use either for your skin or booties , and you can use gas or a solvent on the board. Be sure to use the latter outside away from any ignition source.

Chris, what you want to do is pre-heat the oven to 425. 

Wipe the booties down with some extra vergin olive oil.  

Hit em with some fresh cracked pepper, a little Himalayan rock salt, and Italian herb mix. 

Wrap em in foil and toss em in the oven (bottom rack) for about 45-50 minutes, or until tender and golden brown. 

Wipe em down and serve em on a bed of local sand. 

Bon appetit…

ps. It’s th salt and spices that really break down the tar. 


Jokes on you!

I haven’t used additive F in years

Never liked the stuff



Piss on it.  Oh wait, that’s urchins. Lol

Any kind of oil will work. I used to live in Santa Barbara, the land of tar globs. Everyone I knew who was into beach walks/runs kept a bottle of cheap “cooking oil” and a roll of paper towels in their car. Strong dish soap like Dawn will also work but I think that stuff is nasty, can’t get rid of its synthetic perfume stink and it certainly is not good for overall water quality.

So u sayn u don’t like a little black tar bootie?  

Go Tar Heels!

So I went ultra-super-extreme low buck and just scraped them on the street in front of my house.

It was dawn patrol and first light was beginning to show so I was already 1/2 hour late, blah, blah, blah…

Anyway, it worked fine…

There is some residue left but not enough to worry about.

Thanks for all the responses and laughs

I didn’t read the thread, but get some Naphtha at the hardware store and go to town.

In the land of tar pits, it is a right of passage. Los Californios put it to good use. First SEALED flat roofs in La Colonia Nueva.

Baby oil is cheap and works. Plus you can get your girl to help and pull the old Chevy Chase/Caddyshack move and spill some oil on her. THEN is when you get busy.

“I’m allright. Don’t nobody worry about me”.

Cheers Mr. ChrisP.