Clear Epoxies Available In New Zealand

I’ve listed all the clears I can think of. Feel free to add your own if I’ve missed any. They also listed from most expensive to cheapest in my experience.

Gemco Gemrez

Gurit SP115

Resin Research 2000

ATL Kinetix

Nuplex Surf Set

which ones have you used and

which ones work best for you?

Just ATL and West System (not clear) so far. Both seemed the same to me.

did you ask what I use???

RR 2000 fast and or slow hardner

It’s more about what clear epoxies are available in NZ.

Well smite me down! LOL

Untill today Ive only come across RR2000, I was show’n some from Big Swell and the hardner was yellowing as it was sitting on the shelf the shop had some cured in a CC cup and it was yellowed also.

I think RR is a good all around epoxy

just sharing

Im using RR2000 and am keen to find something else (a little cheaper) , have you found anything since you orignally posted this deanbo.

Anyone else in NZ found a good epoxy?

Any reports on Gemco, Nuplex R180, kinetix?

Kinetix is nice and cheaper than RR but harder to get a hold of.

The kinetix is a great resin, really clear easy to work with and sands well. It is supposed to be UV stable but does yellow very slightly. The resin is as thick as honey which is a b1tch in winter. (Double boilers or microwaves recommended).

The Nuplex R180 is also pretty good but yellows horribly. The Surfset hardener they sell is damn expensive and the lam still needs to be washed and sanded for a good bond with the next coat. It was designed to be used with poly resin but the bond still isn’t that great. I’ve also had it setup in a lovely blue colour as well as a pastel pink tinge without any interference and sticking to exact ratios.

Speak to Dan @ Shapers Aust. for kinetix epoxy, I’m sure they ship to NZ.



Thanks for the help.

So far I have prices for the following:

West Systems @ $16.33 per litre

RR Epoxy @ $35.00 per litre

Gemco LR2:1 @ $22.00 per litre

Nuplex R180 @ $14.37 per litre (not with the clear hardner i think)

Kinetix Yet to hear from Bryan at Hardcore Surf …will update

These prices are only obtained by buying quantities larger than 20 litres and exclude freight and GST (Tax)

So far the Gemco sounds the best as they claim it to be crystal clear I have heard that both the Wests and Nuplex are prone to yellowing.

Anyone used the Gemco LR 2:1. If so hows the clarity and sandability?

How do these prices compare?

check out adhesive technologies adr280, its all ive used.nice easy and relatively hassel free, does yellow a bit though.but hey whats a bit of yellow.not a problem with wood.Anyway isnt yellow the new white?reds faster though.

Compared to RR I think Kinetix is clearer and cheaper but thicker. Kinetix is corrosive 8 as well so you would need to order quite a bit of it to make shipping to NZ worthwhile if you are bringing it over yourself.

Just to update a couple of your prices.

Kinetix: 6 kilos - $22.00 per kg plus gst

     30 kilos - $20.00 per kg plus gst  

RR: 1.5 gallons (5.67 litres) $199 plus gst

RR: 3 gallons (11.34 litres) $399 plus gst

So yeah, about $39 per litre for RR and about $25 per litre for Kinetix including gst. By the way has anyone tried additive F in any other epoxy aside from RR?

I’ve used Gemco. Previously I’ve used an unknown 4:1.

Gemco is very clear, doesn’t yellow much at all, gelled a little quicker than the 4:1, but took about the same time to get to sanding. Was a little harder to sand but not much. It does bloom much more so that needs to be taken into account with filler coats etc.

I would use it again but will probably try others as well.


Were you using the gemco 2:1 or their 4:1 Karl?

Roy is using their 4:1 I think but a little yellowing over wood is not a biggie.

2:1 - I should have said I’ve had problems with blushing not blooming :slight_smile:

I’m still very new to epoxy so still sussing out good practice but I’d use it again

Just to put my 2 cents in:

I’ve used Gemco 2:1 - clear but I though it acted a bit strange. The one board I used it on has heald up OK but the stuff that dried in the bottom of the pot shattered - seemed very brittle. I’ve never seen another epoxy do this. I still have enough for another board but I’ve been reluctant to use it. It’s been sitting on the shelf for years.

I’ve used Nuplex R180 - seemed ok but not superior. Yellows. Sands OK

ADR 280 TX from Adshesive Technologies - Seems like a good all round epoxy - This is what I mainly use. You can get a variety of compatible hardeners - some faster - some slower and you can mix them. Colin at their factory in AUK can tell you more than you want to know. This resin yellows a bit but it’s not that much of an issue for me with the timber skins. Sands fine.

SP 115 - pretty good - reasonably clear. Super expensive as I recall.

St Gogain Verotex - I got a 5L sample of this from a friend in the yacht building business. The were pushing it as very hypo-alergenic. Took a long time to get hard enough to sand even in a hot box. I wouldn’t use it again for laminating. Amber colour when mixed.

I think the ADR 280 is good stuff. It’s cheaper than RR. I’ve got a couple of projects in mind that I’d like to do with a reasonably clear lam though. Some of the resins mentioned sound like a possibility. Is Kinetix available through Hardcore?

Thanks Jong,

I love the RR Epoxy but its so damn expensive.

Looks like I will have to get a sample of the Gemco 2:1 and give it a go ( and I will try some with additive F ) and will report back. Works out at $40 a kilo to buy their 1.5 kilo pack Ouch… Still if it is as good as RR Epoxy the 30 litre kits work out at $22 kg.

Bryan at Hardcore is the person to contact about Kinetix, I’m still waiting to hear back from him with price and avaliability.

Is the kinetix a 4:1 or a 2:1. It seems that all 4:1 mixes are prone to yellowing whereas the 2:1 are clear.

you guy in NZ should try the keahana kits they have. the epoxy stays really clear from what i have used so far

Do Keahana sell their epoxy separately?