Cloth Inlay in Progress

Here is a 6’ Retro Fish I am working on. It is epoxy. I will be finishing the cloth inlay tonight.

These pictures are the cloth laid out and epoxy resin is curing. I taped off the board and will trim with a razor.

Don’t use the fancy 3M tape it doesn’t have enough stick and kept coming up, I had to get the cheaper stuff from 3M it worked better.


I like that cloth a lot. Well done.

Is the pale blue tinted resin on deck and rails or is it masking tape? In the first photos it looked like masking tape but now I wonder…

The first set of photos have masking tape in them, but the second set of photos do not.

I am using epoxy blanks and after sealing them with spackle I spray paint them with water based paint

then just glass right over the paint. The blue is sky blue from Createx.

Here are the fins I just put on, they are curing now and I will probably cut them at about 2am this morning.

John Cherry twin keel fins.

i’m not a huge fan of cloth inlays, but that looks like very tidy work. well done. the cherry keels look gorgeous too.

ah, glassing at 2am. i know what that’s like.

Looks great, question though, how did you find the taped laps under the cloth when cutting…

Is the tape thick enough to feel or can you see the tape line through the cloth?

Howzit Hicksy, The trick is to use a shine a light up from the bottom and the tape shows up darker so you can cut the material. I use one of those lights that has a metal shade and a clamp. Aloha,Kokua

The cloth is partially see through in the lighter areas and I guesstimated over the darker part.

I used a tool to draw the line and I guess you could use the same tool to mark the cloth with a light pencil.