cloth showing through

 I just did a red tinted board, and after it was cured I sanded the excess cloth that had lapped over on the nose and tail. Question is how do you get the spots that over lap to not be darker than the rest of the board, and also, how do you prevent the cloth weave from showing through after sanding the rough edges of the overlapped cloth.

sand as flush as possible

wipe with acetone,,, the lam resin will mix with it and seal up the weave

or use styrene and resin

One of the contract glass shops for Channel Islands was wiping the laps with acetone after die grinding, the laps turned brown after exposure to the sun, cost them a WHOLE lot of money.


I don’t know why, but my fresh / clean acetone with turn red / brown if I clean any amount of clear epoxy in it

wow jim, Ive never noticed that,,,,,, Im looking at a few boards I did awile back,,, no weird shit goin on



I use Home depot acetone,  and white paper towel (carefully)

for whatever thats worth