Cloth Strings

After laying the first side of cloth what do most of you do with the strings that appear on the other side? I know the first thing to do is when you are laying the cloth to get them as smooth as possible but I always have strings that pop-up! Trying to pull them off pulls off foam. Trying to sand them away I always cut into the foam. I thought of painting across them with a lam resin wash so I can at least smooth them out. What do you think? How does everyone handle this?

…When laminating, move the strings down the rail,RATHER than across the blank towards the stringer…you can archive alot about this subject.Herb

Thanks Herb! Sounds so simple but I overlooked it!

I keep a pair of metal scissors handy as I’m laminating and cut after lap is saturated. Any stragglers I wrap like Herb suggests.

…Now that I GOT THIS/THESE cheap electric jobs…I think that’s what i’ll do with my 12" chrome “Clauss” sissors that cost me big bucks back in the late 70s(the best fabric shears built)…NAW,that’s what my 2 pairs of lineman’s sissors are for…Herb.