cloth that shows

I wanted to repair this wood tail block so .... I grinded it the epoxy  glass all the way to the wood,then I put some poly resin and 2 layers of cloth then I sanded it and put some resin  but as you can see the cloth shows too much .....Why .............maybe there was not enough resin in my cloth or...maybe I sanded it too soon It was not dry enough ..............What do you think

from the picture it just looks like you're not finished.  I would sand (and feather those edges down), apply another coat of resin, then repeat, finish up by wetsanding with fine grit, and polish.


If a hot coat DOESN"T wet it out, which it looks like it won’t, the cloth looks like it was damp at one time, try a styrene wipe down also

…yes, damp in the cloth; old fiberglass, low quality fiberg, etc are things to make that happens.

The only fine solution is sand through and start again.


I bought this cloth in a hardware  I read about volan cloth I dont know what is it or if its good or bad bud maybe tis the reson It did that It was the first time I useed this batch

even in Frenchglish, there is no bad bud

     Howzit canadian, Listen to what Jim told you about using styrene,just make sure the tail is dry before usig the styrene and try to get the glass and resin on the tailblock before the styrene dries and it should come out with no weave showing. Another way is to put a coat of resin on the wood first and let it dry then put glass and resin on the tail and that should also keep the weave from showing. Aloha,Kokua

…still I maintain that no styrene can save you this time;

sand the glass and start again, then

do it like Kokua say

Finish  still shows... but it s finish