cloth weight

how much heavier would a 6’8 shortboard be if there was a layer of 4 ounce on the bottom and 6/4 on the top. thanks

i would guess not much

Howzit earl, fiberglass weight is per sq. yd. so figure the sq. yardage and mutiply by 4 then by 6 and the difference is there but that doesn’t take into consideration how much more resin it will take, that’s a variable depending on how you glass it. Aloha, kokua


I imagine you mean compared with all 4oz.

Cloth weight is a matter of oz’s, so not important. However, the resin needed to saturate, and how much YOU use, makes for a difference of easily 12oz. with sloppy wet glass jobs down to 3oz with a good well squeegeed laminate.

So the question can only be answered when you add resin weight, then factor in the glassers ability to saturate well, and squeegee off any excess resin.

No “ONE” definite answers, too many variables…the glasser, sander.