there is a fiberglass shop by my house that sells 10ounce cloth can that be used for a surfboard or is that too heavy?

great for classic, singlefin logs. 10-oz bottom, 10-oz + 6-oz top.

wouldn’t put it on a shortboard.


If you are going to use the 1 lb. eps from Lowe’s (as mentioned in your previous post) the 10 oz. glass might be OK. I did a Lowe’s 1 lb. eps board recently and used 4 oz. + 6 oz. on bottom and 3 - 6 oz + 1 - 4 oz. on deck; this probably sounds extreme, but I think it’s about right for the 1 lb. eps as this foam is fairly light and soft. My finished board did not turn out very heavy, I did a hot coat/sanded finish to help with keeping it light.

I agree. With both of your posts in mind, and the extreme light weight of that foam, it wouldn’t even be a crazy thing to lam the bottom with one 10 oz layer and the top with one full layer plus a patch over wherever your feet will go.

But please, please, seal the blank with epoxy or spackle. I did a blank of the HD stuff (search $14 Blank) and although it worked fine, it was very spongy, even with a pretty aggressive glassing schedule (triple 6 oz top, double 6 oz bottom - and still many pounds lighter than any of my other longboards).

At the time, I thought unsealed would allow more resin penetration into the foam (it does) creating greater strength (it doesn’t). Resin is ONLY strong when combined with fiberglass. Seal the blank!