CNC APS3000 For Sale $28,000 AUD

CNC APS3000 For Sale $28,000 AUD

-Cut up to 12’ long and 40" wide
-Brand new gen 5 X axis (with the new blank loading system that is very precise and time efficient)
-Motor upgrade
-Controller upgraded
-Machine is located on the In Queensland Australia
-7 days included for a tech to install and train operator
-Computer supplied (Shape3D) software license not included
-Laser for blank loading included
-Vacuum pump not included (fittings, flitter included)

This is a good avenue for a shaper wanting to save on cutting costs, have control over his cut’s to the standard and consistency required.

Any questions or enquiries

that sounds like a great deal… if you really want consistency in your designs and are doing more than 15-20 boards a week it make so much economic sense to have one of these in your shed… theres a good business extension if you want to cut others boards in your area too…

do you ship to china?