cnc shaper / scanner in Santa Cruz?

Hi, does anyone know of a company tht has a shaping machine with a scanner in the santa cruz area, looking to get a fav board scanned so i have a 3d model of it.


Did you shape the board?

It’s my design, which my shaper friend shaped as to my there in the bay directions. 

So i’m not trying to copy someone elses board design.



Cybershapes,  I think the guys name was Marlin or Merlin.  If he’s still around.  Last I heard Doug Haut had one at his shop.  Inquire down at Freeline Surf Shop.  John or Peter Mel may be able to give you a name. 


  Thanks i will look into those leads

Unless you have permission from your Freind the shaper You are un-ethical at best.  Bet you also ask for the " bro deal"  Almost every board I have had has been shaped with me in the room. Some I have even working drewing of the board.  In The end it is still his work his time and his knowlage that makes the consept come to life.  I’m sure your good buddy will be happy to Know how much you value is efforts.  Next time you want a board if I was your friend/shaper  I would tell you to piss up a rope. 



I think you need to know some facts

My board is a 3’8" paipo shaped from a 7’2" blank, I drew the template myself on cardboard and took it to him, I designed the rails and the concave. I designed the whole board. Its like nothing he has ever shaped in his life. 

My “good buddy” already is fully aware that I wish to have the board scanned so we can have a 3D model of it, We can then next time have it machine cut first,rather than 4 hours getting it out of a 7.2

So as you started, I do have permission, you need not be so angry.






Shaper machine manufacturer or metal-cutting machine within which the piece of work is typically control in a very bench vise or similar device that’s clamped to a table and may be operated by hand or power driven at right angles to the trail of a chisel like cutter with just one leading edge endured the tip of a mutual ram.The CNC machine shop is the oft-forgotten shaper of the many metal parts, components, products, and things that have come to make a difference in our lives. A moving table feeds the piece of work in little, distinct increments at the tip of every stroke of the tool, and a crenate however primarily flat surface is generated on the piece of work. The adjustable mounting of the tool permits the cutting of grooves and also the generation of surfaces at virtually any angle to 1 another.

Don’t worry about copying boards.

For me the only unethical thing you can do is copying brands and logos. The brand and image of a shaper is the real value a shaper builds up during the years.

Copying a board is not unethical as long as you do not claim that it is the same board. A board is more than it’s shape.

There is nothing wrong with copying a shape, everybody copies shapes to learn and experiment.

We don’t need to fight this, we need to fight the fakes.

Wow - why so much anger? Assuming someone is a devious unethical ‘board copier’ without evidence? SHAME. Maybe he is, maybe he isn’t - might be good to ASK first… looks like he was ‘asked’ via acusation and had to ‘answer’ by way of defending himself. Here are some ethics for ya:

Take a mass produced commercial sporting goods product (Channel Islands, Rusty, Lost, Firewire, etc) that you really like and take it to your local guy and have him copy it and charge you what he normally charges - it will be cheaper, supporting your local shaper, and you will be stickin’ it to tha’ man and his mass-produced-cash-in-on-surfing products - and when you are in Bali make sure to buy as much fake Rip-Silver-Bong crap as you can too.

Regular guys have been learning from each others boards since day one.