Coanda Channel Technology

This has been an issue elsewhere.

FTR If an “individual” wants to build my patented Coanda Channel technology for “personal use,” more power to him/her. But for profit (commercial production), I would have a problem with that.

I patented my channel technology to keep surfboard/kneeboard/bodyboard companies from using my ideas for their profit. I designed the channel with the principles of the Coanda Effect — observed and documented by Henri Coanda (1910 and 1934-1936). The curve equations I generated were based on fluid mechanics designs.

It is not unreasonable to want protection from people who seek to “profit” from my ideas (intellectual property).

This Mike Daniel channel from 1990 inspired me. And eventually, I discovered the Coanda Effect. (Mike and the Bing Auga got close but missed the next level of evolution.)

First Coanda Channel prototype build:

My interview video with retired pro-bodyboarder Jay Reale may help communicate channel function.

Chad Stickney riding my 42” Lindsay Lord Hybrid (with Coanda Channel):
Under the Fluid Awning — 2nd Wave.

Done in 6-pcf XLPE, 42- and 48-inch variants of my Lindsay Lord Hybrid concept (with Coanda Channel).

Twin Coanda Channel Surfcraft in the queue…

“First draft” images of what my new twin-channel data will look like in 3-D.
~ Images by CAD Master Jim (aka Sways “jrandy”) ~