Coastal Surf Supplies Forms Partnership with Future Fins to East Coast Manufactures

Coastal Surf Supplies is proud to announce that they have formed a partnership with Future Fins to supply East Coast Manufactures. We will be carrying everything that is needed from Jigs, Fins, Fin Boxes & Jig Kits. Manufactures will have access to our website with live Inventory online thats updated every 5 minutes, 24 hours a day.  To access the site you will need a User Name and Password. You can Download the dealer application online to get your account set up. Our goal is to grow Future fins by servicing shapers through out the East Coast with Futures sales reps, CSS’s In-House sales crew, and user tools such as our Online Live Inventory. We also carry Marko Foam and King Mac Foam and feel that Future is going to be a great fit. Our goal is to offer manufactures a 1 stop shop with the best shipping rates for blanks. We have been able to ship 12 blanks to the north east for $120.00 flat rate. Please feel free to contact us at 1-888-569-7038. For Florida Sales and Service Please call (714)-891-1695.


We are here to service you.


Coastal Surf Supplies



I thought KingMac was out of business???

What happened to Barnes, he was the best! FCS is going to love this.

Hey Dave,

They have joined forces with Blair Foam which is Millenium Distribution.


Deja vu, Futures has done it again. Don't get too comfortable being the new futures east coast distributer apparently there is no loyalty in this company what so ever.  Dave was excellent. I bet FCS will be beat'n his door down.