Has anyone ever used the Cobbofin ?


I was telling a mate just the other day , “I’m sure there are more uses for hole punches, than just for paper…”

after this one they can close the patent office

and don’t any of yous low lifes even thimk o’ coppying these here fins as they are so goldurn diffurnt as to boggle the grey matter

they look shiney too!

Giving back to the community is a noble I deal…

I do belief we all should support these here fins at every oppertunity as the Testing PROVES CATAGORICLY just how valuable they are and likely to influence the accelerated progression of the sport professionally as well as recreationally.

and many choices of length and variety of templates…

…ambrose…what are those holes in the trailing edge?


Such clarity, such insight, you saw right away what a quantum leap (flop) forward (back) these fins represent! How can the rest of us continue to struggle for meager improvements when confronted with the blinding light of such blazing intellect? We should all just quit, the pinnacle of design has been reached.

Those steak knives are really cool…

…what makes it twice as funny is last night’s Simpson’s episode here in perth…



[for the humour-challenged … "if I have to explain , you wouldn’t understand "!]

I’ll let you know when I get it Fiend—

For those of us who still use a leash, I can just picture the fun I’ll have sitting in the lineup holding my leash in my lap to make certain it isn’t “cobboed.”

They kinda look like a last minute highschool science project, but hell maybe they work, what we are all not seeing is the superior foil in those fins, the notches in the trailing edge are actually calculated drag, so you dont blow right through the bowl section and out into the flats! Most sophisisticated.

 My friend's dad lent me a fin with a bunch of holes drilled in it, with smoothed edges on the far side of the indivdual holes, Mr.Zuchovich said that i could not show anyone, that was the condition of borrowing it. I was young and inexperienced and obviously this Cobbo what have you fella caught a glimpse and now after years of big money research, has created the bitchenest fin ever.