collortint laps problem

i have problems with dark lines in my cutlaps(more resin). It is an orange resin tint. what can i doo about it?

with resin tints its always going to be darker where you have cloth overlapping. not sure if that answers your question or not, maybe be a little more specific

The dark line on the second lam is because resin accumulates at the cut lap. I don’t think there’s anything you an do about it, but that’s why God and the rest of us invented pinlines.

Oh yeah, the other way to avoid dark lines at the cutlap - probably too late for you - is to color the board with a spray gun or airbrush. Believe me, you don’t want to do a whole side of a board with an airbrush. I got a $35 “jamb gun” from Fiberglass Hawaii, a sort of half size spray gun, and have an old single action Paasche airbrush for the small stuff.

If your looking to have an even color job on your entire board, use the pigment through every stage of the board. Put the colorant in the hot coat too. Make sure your laps are ground down real good before doing the hotcoat, and you will have a really even colored board. But it will look kind of like a Surftec.

I like the darker rails in a same colored top / bottom tint job. If you do really clean cut laps, the look is hard to beat…specially red.


it is an EPS classic longboard with a 20" nose.The laps are hard too get perfect on the nose. i used microballoons too fill the small holes. On pu-foam the problem is less. maybe it soaks more collor. I was thinking too cut on the edge of the rail and then a clear freelap. i seen this on a daniels longboard.

you could do that too. The skys the limit.