color bleeding

Attempting my first tint job on a retro fish I am currently building. I’ve done a few test pieces working on my cutlaps and colors etc… and keep having blled through. I am attempting to get crisp clean lines. 


I am guessing it is occuring because of the grain and the tape unable to seal the line. I am thinking perhaps a cheater coat to fill the grain etc… and then get a clean line. Thoughts?


Thanks for the help. 

I’m of the same opinion.

I —  like many do not attempt to tint straight lines on raw wood.  In fact there is a limit to what you can do on Foam let alone wood.  Bleed is enevitable.  It might be possible to limit the bleed and then use a pinline to straighten it up.  You’re rolling the dice.  I have a hard time understanding why a beginner picks the most difficult thing he can possibly do on his first or second board.  Maybe I’m wrong.  You may have done 50 or 100.  If you have then I am sure you can pull it off better than any pro glasser.

Trying to mitigate or eliminate this issue will likely be much different when one is using Polyester resin as opposed to epoxy. 


Your plywood experiment might not translate well to whatever wood your HWS skin is made from.

Well I took a piece of excess top skin and threw a cheater caot on it. We’ll see if it works. I will post the result for others information as needed.


Didn’t realize I was doing the most difficult thing. Never know till you try. Glad I’m running test. Ha! See what happens and if it doesn’t work then I’ll do something different. 


Thanks mates

In case anyone searches this later cheater coat fixed the issue. There is a slight bleed over you can see associated with the seam where the board wasn’t planed flush as scrap and the tape couldn’t seal. Gonna give it a go and see what happens. Thanks again for the buy in

Good luck.  Post a pic.

Will Do! But It’ll be a few days… waiting on cloth to arrive… Grgggggg

Posting back up for others that might search with the same issue… I didn’t have any bleed through so the cheater coat worked perfectly. I ended up putting a super thin second cheater coat just in the immediate area of the transition then buffed with a 3M scotch brite pad and laminated.


Good!  I’m glad it worked out for you.  I’m just a skeptical old man.  Nothing personal.  I don’t know if I will ever do anything along those lines, but if I do;  I now know that it can work.  You taught an old dog a new trick.  Thank you sir.  PS.  That board friggin’ looks fantastic.   Lowel

Lowel - 

thanks brother! I can’t wait to get the hot and gloss on and see those woods start popping. I snapped this picture in the light and you can just start to see the figure in the wood coming out!


absolutely nothing you said was taken personally. This is my 3rd board and 1st to attempt color so I was asking for honest candid feedback as I didn’t know what was and was not possible. Appreciate the insight and candid experience feedback.