color work


I would like to know if there is a way to become a pigment(opaque color) in translucent?

I read on some topics that if I put only a small amount of pigment in the resin, the color will be translucent, is that possible?

in the attached image, is an example of what I would like to do. One of my problems is that I think I need Resin tint, but in my area I just found solid color pigments.



This board was done with pigments, use your pigments and you will be fine.  make sure to put more pigment in than you are anticipating. You want the colors to be bold and vibrant.

Resin tints are mainly used for doing full color tints, and not so much doing resin swirls and blotch color like in the picture.


Remember the first color to hit the foam wins, and once the color hits you can’t do anything to get rid of it…you can pull, and smear more color over it, but it wont help.  So…plan out what you are going to do if its important to you.  And if you want to lock the color down, and have vibrant crisp lines… pour a bunch of clear resin over the color work so it wont smear.



Hi Resinhead, thanks for the tips! I will try first in some fiberglass, before laminate the board.