Comet by cooperfish

I would love to know more on how the comet rides. Also if anyone can give me feedback on the rails that are used on tthe comet Vs the Super nova, that would be great. Tom

sick boards, so I have heard. Dunno about the rails.

I dont know much and what i know is second hand, but and however the comets are more high preformance than they apear. In that they need good waves to work, and are otherwise ok in the day to day slop

The Comet rides real sweet.It does require a wave to push the board. My board is 8’ 0" It has the same shape and knife edge rails at my 9-6 Hornet. The Comet has no scoop on the bottom and a very flat bottom rail to rail with some kick in the tail. The nose is sort of flatter than the modern longboards. It will not snap turns on the wave face but flows and carves on a turn.The redirection will seem slower than your normal retro board but feels smooth while turning. Wont drive going down the line as a much as a modern retro board utilizing a trifin set up however on a wave with shape and form it will go. I like my two Cooperfishes and ride them most of the time. The new article in Surfer’s Journal shows the color work on Gene’s boards.The board being colored in the photos is a comet 8’-0". Exact same board I have. Good luck and I hope this help… Aloha