Coming to a Break Near You?

No paddling, no motor.
A Stand-Up Pedal board…

Stand ups, hydrfoils, peddle SUPs, where does the kookery end? They dumb everything down and the crowds grow, and it all started with the leash… No pacifier No surf. Half the people in the line-up would drown without it.
I miss the days when bodyboarders and rollerbladers were the only kooks.

first guy to figure out how to accelerate a hydrofoilboard onto foil and stay on foil with simple human power and not a bunch of motors and batteries. Will change things.
that pumping motion guys are using is so ineffiecient. But proves it can be done.

I saw a guy the other day on a hydrofoil SUP who would do just that. He would catch a wave ride the wave on foil, pull out, and while still on foil he would pump the board up and down back into the line-up. If he didn’t maintain being on foil he would have to paddle back out.

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