Coming to France

Swaylocks crew, I’m going to the JEC composites trade show in Paris next week (March 5-7) and am planning to head to Hossegor after the trade show to hang out and try to get some surf Friday Saturday and Sunday (March 8-10). Should I bring a board? Or are there decent boards available to rent, do any of you have recommendations? Balsa, Lemat, are you guys still on swaylocks? Will you be trying to catch some waves next weekend? Let me know what you think…. Thanks guys!!!

Hi Richard. Let me know what kind of board you’d like to rent (short, long, in-between, gun, fish…) with measurements and I will see what I can find in Hossegor. Not my home spot, so I know fewer people than down south around Biarritz and Guéthary but I should be able to help you nevertheless. Not planning to surf as I had a recent shoulder operation but maybe we can meet and have a beer? Let me know. Guilhem.

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Of course, you might bring your own but my personal experience with airlines hasn’t been that good. Bring your own wetsuit and booties, though, as those will be more difficult to rent.


Bummer about the shoulder!
We are going to take the train into Biarritz and rent a car there. We were hoping to drive around a bit. I have always wanted to surf in Guethary too.
I will bring a wetsuit and boots. If I brought boards, I would probably have a 6’3 shortboard and a 5’9 fish. If I rented something (which I’m leaning towards) I imagine it would be just whatever was available. I appreciate the offer to look for something for me, I was more looking for recommendations on a shop that would have a decent selection.

It would be awesome to grab a beer or look at some boards if the stars align! I am getting stoked, I have never been to Europe before!

Thank you!


Giving you directions to a shop with a decent selection of boards was my idea, I just wanted to be sure what kind of boards you would like. I asked a friend who lives there and he’s supposed to give me some good directions once I tell him what you’re looking for. Great if we can meet and, providing we get a few waves, I can shoot some pictures of you surfing.
See you soon.

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I went to JEC a few years ago. You will like it. Check the Sicomin booth if you can, they are the most important french producers of epoxy products for surfboards, boats, etc… Couldn’t make it to Paris this time, bummer.

Watch our Richard. The French have a different word for everything. Ha.

Years back my wife and I took a rental car from Paris to meet Guilhem. Great fun with Guilhem and his beautiful wife Cathrine. We tried to turn in the car and take the train back to Paris, but I couldn’t get a gas station to take my credit card. Guilhem bought my gas patted me on the back saying pay me back if you can otherwise don’t worry about it. I was practically a stranger to him. You are going to love spending time with him. Hopefully he will have some boards going to show you. He is a master. (Of course I paid him back)
All the best, GT

Thanks Greg!
I did wind up bringing a board. I hope they let me on the train with it (I found out once I got here that it may be a problem - yikes!)
First day of JEC in the books - that was an overwhelming experience…day 2 tomorrow…wish me luck! I can’t wait to get to the ocean on Friday!

Looked like a good day on the coast today! Looks even better tomorrow! Hopefully there will still be some good stuff Friday and Saturday , winds look a little more southerly. Any areas I should check out on a south wind? I guess north side of jetties or bluffs? Or toward Spain?

I stopped by and talked with the Sicomin guys today, they had a cool epoxy pour foam product.