coming to

san diego in july with the missus…need help or tips on places to stay…any not too costly, but nice

places?..will be there for 3 weeks and want to rent/book for the whole time…any advice will

be recieved with gratitude…i might be working in a tattoostudio close to pacific beach so accomodations

close to this would be great as its also close to the water…again thanks for any help.



craigs is good

additional → pacific beach

thanks, i think we`re into getting more of a vacation rental than a hotel.

were there for 23 days so i think were better off price wise, renting a private place.

my friend randy whos got a tattoostudio in PB is on the lookout.

we`ll see, thanks a bunch though.

I don’t have any specific advice for you, but have had very good luck with