Comments on shaping/glassing rack

Thought I would try to get some feedback from you guys who have done this alot more than I have. I made my first board on 2 cardboard boxes and want to make a mobile rack before i go for my #2 board. Check out the attached image and please comment on dimensions, any problems you can see or suggestions in general. I will probably only be making short boards.

I put wheels on one end and a swivel handle on the other. That way i can wheel it in and out of my garage when using UV resin. Height adjusts from 30 - 45". Too much range? Not enough?

Any and all comments helpful.


I had a complicated rack like that a few years ago.In the end I found it easier to just carry the board outside and set it on another rack for the sun to dry.My outside racks were the made from a couple of buckets and 2x4s.My best glassing rack ever was made from a barber chair base.It has a drip tray and you can raise it and lower by using the foot pedal.I bought the chair at a junk auction for 20bucks.Tossed the seat and added a rack to the post.My friend Tuna still uses it in his huge 40 square foot state of the art factory on Tybee Island,GA.

am I missing something? I assume that’s a drip tray on top, if so what will the board sit on? at 18" will miss most of the drip unless your boards are less than 18" wide


The 18" x 72" thing on top is just supposed to represent a foam blank sitting on top of the rack “U” brackets, its not a drip tray.

…Smart Ass answers from Stingray…no anger…just joking around…

Did you read that first thread from Swaylock about using the search function…

Do you plan on growing taller any time soon?

Would it be easier to roll the board outside on the rack or just carry the board?

How much do your boards weigh?

did you find this thread…;post=181333;page=1;sb=post_latest_reply;so=ASC;mh=25;guest=21139904

Did you search “show me your shaping Bay”…

Are you wealthy…

Your shaping rack looks cool…overkill in my view…use your time to build the perfect board…what do the pros use?

Stingray, some smart ass responses,

I did search the archives and found alot of buckets filled with concrete or things bolted to the floor, and barely any dimensions. Was trying to go for something with a little mobility.

Do you think the rack should go higher? I’m 3’2" but i wear these really big platform shoes to get me up to 6’1". Anyway, from what i found on searching, 40" height was recommended. But this is why i made the post, to ask people that have experience.

Rolling is easier than carrying, ask the Egyptians.

My first board weighed 73 lbs but i got a little out of control with the resin. Needed two people to carry it.

Seriously though, I can make this rack with scrap metal from my job so it wont cost me a dime. Please comment on recommendations for dimensions that need to be adjusted.



Any and all comments helpful.


Bring your level(s) and level it out everytime.

I’m a smart ash too.

This one has wheels, is adjustable and has a drip tray.

Of course its all about customization.

Personally my racks are two buckets and concrete.

One two bucket system for glassing stands, another

for shaping. Easily transported in a compact car.

I scoured Swaylocks and the internet before I settled

on a simple design and parameters.

This one was extemely useful for ideas:

alot of these shapers are standing next to their shaping

racks, look at the body geometry and go figure.

LOL. Thanks for the links. The first link gave me some good ideas. I can probably use that style for my other “darker” hobby if i’m not making a board.

Any thoughts on combining glassing rack and shaping rack in one? I had a width of 10" on the outside of the “U” but now looking at the second link, i’m thinking it might be too unstable.

Hello Joe ,

Welcome to Swaylock’s. Thanks for the funny stuff! I like the shoes best. My shaping stands are based on Burro Brand saw horses from Home Depot. Cheap to build and easy to move around. I like the idea of wheels for moving and storing the rack. I do not like the idea of transporting the board on the rack with the wheels…too easy for the surfboard to slide off when you bump into something.

Have a great day



Any thoughts on combining glassing rack and shaping rack in one? I had a width of 10" on the outside of the “U” but now looking at the second link, i’m thinking it might be too unstable.

If you must:

Since you are doing some freestyling custom work, I’d just,

in general,

make 2 plywood(1/2" thick plywood or so) boxes that slip over each shaping stand U.

Atop each box is affixed/bolted/nailed 6" of 4x4 or so, and atop that is a normal padded/taped 2x4 support for glassing.

No bodyboard/plank, just 2 small footprint supports for the board.

You get the idea!

These slipover boxes will of course get drippy with resin

over time but protect your shaping U and padding.

Glassing can/should be done at a higher level than shaping if that is a concern.


Any thoughts on combining glassing rack and shaping rack in one?

I threw this together and worked very well for my first 20 boards or so. All in one- shaping racks, removable/adjustable glassing racks & drip tray

Thought I’d throw this one in there

I wanted to achieve the same thing as you. A mobile rack.

This was the first rack I built. All sched40 PVC with a couple of bolts and wingnuts so I could pull it apart.

The top part is actually a bit too big. Other than that it works pretty well

We still use it, but just for longboards.


Harbor Freight stands $19.99, 2x4’s in a rectangle, fully adjustable

                                                                                                                             weighs about 5 lbs each

Does the top horizontal 2x4 come off to open up the “u”?

I got a couple of new ideas based on some of the photos that i need to work out but also have a few more questions.

For shaping, i was going to make the horizontal supports about 12" across. I noticed that in some of the photos, the supports stick out way past the board. I was thinking that they should stay under the final board shape. Any thoughts?

On the shaping rack, i was going to make the horizontal support about 8" accross. Anyone have feedback on those dimensions for making shortboards?


Joes, The 2x4 does not come off, these are my glassing racks which adjust from 3’4" to 5" tall and the top is 9" wide, you can make the top into a all in one shaping and glassing, I sometimes put a dumbell across the bottom cross braces for more stability. My shaping racks are standard concrete bucket style with a height of 3’8" , 16" across the top, 10 1/2" deep and 5 1/2" wide in the pocket and both sets are covered with plain old foam, these are tall racks because of my height. You are only limited by your imagination and the great ideas posted here every day, hope this helps, anymore questions feel free to ask. Tom