Company Name

I was hoping to tap into some of your guy’s minds and ask you if you’re aware of a company called Heritage Surfboards? I wanted to use that name, but thought that it’d been used before. Anyone have any ideas?



You are correct.

Sorry for the bad news mate, try again…

There is also an underground guy near San Luis Obispo using that name for his boards. Not sure if he has any legal claim to it or not.

Heritage is a fine old established surf industry name from the Garden State. Not only is it the last name of Dan and Brian but it has seen plenty of time in print in SURFER Mag. over the years starting in the early 70’s marketing it world wide. It’s grandfathered meaning Brian has more rights than anyone new. Haven’t bothered to check the USPTO tm registry: I would not even put that much effort into something I already know belongs to someone else.

Good old Garden State surf family got started making wax. Expanded over the years to shop, board building, and there is a local benefit contest held yearly raising money to fight cancer. These are good people.

I’d look for another name if for no other reason than out of good old surfer respect.

Sounds like that name’s been used many times over the years. I’m not the type to steal somebody else’s thunder so you dont have to worry about me using it. Thanks everyone for your input.